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Frequently Asked Questions about working as a Dancer / Entertainer

Q. How is the schedule and pay for Dancers / Entertainers?

Dancers / Entertainers are not employees of the club, rather they are independent contractors. There is no set schedule for a Dancer / Entertainer. They can work as much or as little as they wish. They are self employed and get paid by the customer. Some Girls work 7 days a week, others work once or twice a month. Because of the flexibility this job appeals to many women.

Q. Is Paradise City a Topless Bar or a Bikini Bar?

We are a Bikini Bar. The attire you need to wear is a full bottom bikini and heels.

Q. What kind of Dancers / Entertainers do you hire?

We hire Dancers / Entertainers in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities, to meet the preferences of our customers.

Q. What kind of women Dance at a Strip club?

Dancing is the perfect job for many reasons. The flexibility allows women to work when they want to. Some Dancers / Entertainers are College students with full schedules that don’t allow a traditional job. Some are Real Estate Agents who fell back on dancing when the housing markets crashed. Some are Stay at Home moms, who are able to help provide for their families while spending as little time away from their kids as possible. Many woman already work a normal day job, but like the extra cash that dancing brings.

Q. How much do Dancers / Entertainers Make?

Dancers / Entertainers are tipped by customers when they dance on stage ( typically with $1 bills ). They also perform lap dances for $20 per song. Considering the average song lasts 5 minutes, a Dancer / Entertainer could possibly perform a dozen lap dances within a single hour, or $240/hr. But these numbers are just theoretical maximums. Typically a Dancer will talk with a customer for a while and get to know them, before asking if they want a lap dance. A dancer might perform 3 or 4 lap dances for a single customer before moving on to another customer. The most successful (Dancers / Entertainers) have worked in the club for years, and already have a repore established with their customers. Its not uncommon that on a busy night a talented dancer could make over $1000.

Q. Do Dancers / Entertainers have to tip out the Mangers and DJs?

Even though at most strip clubs in Houston, the Dancers / Entertainers are expected to tipout the DJs and Managers. We feel the tip out practice can lead to unfair treatment, abuse and greed so we closely monitor it. At Paradise City we strive to treat all our (Dancers / Entertainers) and employees equally, tip out is used to provide services for the dancers such as security, radio & social media advertisements and DJ’s to insure a safe environment to work in an to keep a steady stream of customers coming to the establishment. (Dancers / Entertainers)

Q. What is the dress code for a Dancer / Entertainer?

Dancers / Entertainers are asked to wear Heels, and a full-bottoms. During the first song on stage we ask that you cover up a little more. By the second song you can reveal more. Management has the right to ask a dancer to change their attire, or leave for poor taste in clothing, and or bad physical presentation.

Q. How often do Dancers / Entertainers perform on stage?

Each Dancer / Entertainer will get 2 songs on the main stage, followed by 2 songs on the 2nd stage. After that they wait their turn in the rotation. The DJs will announce what girls are coming up. In between rotations (Dancers / Entertainers) will mingle and entertain clients.

Q. What is the policy of Paradise City with Drugs?

Even though some states ( Colorado and Washington ) have legalized recreational marijuana, in Texas it is still Illegal. We have a zero tolerance policy with drugs. 

Q. Do I have to apply liquid latex over my breasts?

YES. We are not a full topless club. You do need to cover up your breasts with something.

Q. Where do I keep my things when I am at the club?

We will assign you a locker of which you can keep your shoes, outfits, makeup, ext. Warning you are not allowed to keep weapons, and or drugs of any kind, Legal or Illegal in your locker or on the premises.